Changing your life, one bite at a time.


Upon completion of this course students will be able to demonstrate the following culinary learning competencies and developmental aptitudes:

1) General Hospitality Knowledge: Demonstrate knowledge of front of the house staff and services, banquet service, and customer service skills.

2) Culinary Skill: Demonstrate knowledge of the 5 French mother sauces, Banquet service, food preparation, cooking, and the following advanced culinary skills: Nutrition Science, Knife Skills, Meat Preparation and Serving, Soups and Sauces, Baking and Deserts, and a general knowledge of Restaurant Operations.

3) Soft skills, Professional Skills, and Work Ethic: Conduct and participate in modules in the atmosphere of a team of peers and professionals, to be evaluated by course instructor and reviewed with the student on a regular basis.

4) Career Planning and Management: Exposure to affordable living wage careers and opportunities.

5) Mentoring: Instructor recognizes, encourages, and builds upon the potential within an individual to help them realize and achieve development of their individual strengths.

Bobby Anderson, Executive Director

After studying at the Culinary Institute of America, Chef Bobby’s career began at Buffalo’s Hyatt Regency, better known as the EB Greens Steakhouse. Under his leadership EB Greens was awarded fourth best steakhouse in the country. Continuing to lead the charge towards excellence, Chef Bobby went to open the Seneca Niagara Casino’s Restaurant and Buffet, which went on to receive 4 Stars. Chef Bobby is perhaps best known for his role in the Season 4 Fox television series Hell’s Kitchen, where he finished 4th place out of 17 contestants under the fiery tutelage of Gordon Ramsay. Gordon went on to hire Chef Bobby for two of his restaurants in Manchester and London, a rare opportunity for many of the contestants of Hell’s Kitchen.